Tadhg McEntee

Tadhg McEntee

Tadhg McEntee is fighting for his life, friends and family say. 

He is from Cambridge, England and recently graduated high school in Scott County. McEntee moved here a couple of years ago where he has some family. 

On July 5, McEntee was found unconscious in Stamping Ground, his family says.

“He’s fighting for his life every single day,” said McEntee’s cousin Saoirse McEntee. 

It is expected that Tadhg will have to overcome brain damage, Saoirse said. 

Some of Tadhg’s friends in England have set up a GoFundMe page looking to raise £10,000 to help with medical expenses. Nearly £8,000 have been raised at the time of publication. 

Friends and family say Tadhg has a lot of admirable characteristics and has a bright future. He has hopes to study law back in England, his family said.  

“Even though Tadhg is my little cousin, he has taught me more than he could ever realize,” Saoirse said. “His most honorable quality is his ability to overcome adversity and still be the positive, fun loving, caring person he has always been. 

“He never let his circumstances weigh him down or change his perspective on the world or the people around him. 

“He is my family, and sometimes you can’t always choose who you are related to, but I would choose Tadhg in any lifetime.”

Family is by Tadhg’s side trying to, in any way they can, help him overcome this battle. 

“He is so loved and so missed and we are doing everything we can so he can get the recovery he deserves,” Saoirse said.

Others describe Tadhg as a character who is determined and caring. 

“Tadhg is a big character,” GoFundMe organizer and friend Andre Payne said. 

“He is the life and soul of every party. The clown of every class. And the biggest personality in every room. 

“He is one of the biggest jokers I have ever met, but under it all, he is the most caring and determined person I’ve ever come across. 

“Tadhg’s energy and bold spirit rubs off on a lot of people, and a lifetime without a Tadhg is something nobody is willing to accept.”

Many friends and family say he brightens any room he enters, loves hiking, music and is very focused on continuing education.  

Some of Tadhg’s family has flown in from England to be near, including his mother Trisha Masters. 

The GoFundMe link to donate to Tadhg’s “fight for life” can be found here: 

Or search, “Help Tadhg McEntee and his fight for life” on the GoFundMe website.


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