Michele Ladd poses with JD Mechem and Bret Halverson in front of the American Flag RV on Thursday, Oct. 29.

National Veteran Resources is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping veterans and families of veterans, with suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

Michele Ladd, founder and CEO of National Veteran Resources, and Randy Ladd, are currently in the middle of a 3,500 mile trip throughout the United States on their “Operation 22 to Zero” tour, stopping at different VFW’s and American Legions throughout the country, on a tour to bring awareness to, and help with, veteran suicide and suicide prevention. The RV made its stop in Georgetown last Thursday at American Legion Post 24. 

Alongside National Veteran Resources is Heroes Home Advantage, their partner, which is ran by local Scott County realtor Bret Halverson.  

The goal for Heroes Home Advantage is for Halverson to give 25% of his commission for every hero that he sells a home to. According to Halverson, heroes are anybody from teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, health care providers, and military, active duty or retired. 

According to Ladd, Halverson is the number one realtor in the entire country for Heroes Home Advantage. Halverson and local loan officer JD Mechem of Wesbanco are the only two people in Scott County that can run the Heroes Home Advantage program. 

“We came to Kentucky specifically to meet these guys (Halverson and Mechem),” said Ladd. 

“They have been with us for years but we have never met them and we want to show our support for what they’re doing for their local heroes in the community,” Ladd added. 

Throughout the 3,500 mile trip, Michele and Randy have been on the road for only three weeks, but have covered states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, and now Kentucky, with plans to travel to Tennessee and Louisiana. 

Halverson said he got involved in the Heroes Home Advantage program because he likes helping out veterans and other heroes. 

Halverson said he has great success with the Heroes Home Advantage program in Scott County, with transactions being closed with officers from Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Georgetown Police Department and Scott County teachers. 

As a whole, the Heroes Home Advantage program has given back over $8,000,000                  nationwide. 

“I get a lot of business and I like giving back,” said Halverson. Halverson owns the exclusive rights to the Heroes Home Advantage program in Scott County. 

Along their tour, Michele has been having veterans that they meet sign their American Flag wrapped RV, and before they sign, Ladd makes them recite an honor code, stating that if that veteran is ever in need of mental health assistance, they will seek it. 

“We will not quit until the suicide epidemic is down to zero lives lost,” said Ladd.


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