Mark Reese, a former Scott County Extension Agent, has a new book called, “Life’s Journey Outdoors.” 

Over six years ago Reese began writing columns for the Citizen Voice and Times in Estill, County. 

“It’s a chronicle of my bird dogs, my creek fishin’, my being outdoors—old barns, old fences, old cemeteries,” Reese said. “I reflect back to childhood to some of my forays here into the fields here around Scott County.” 

Overall, compiling this collection has been an enjoyable process, he said. 

“(Putting the book together) makes you reflect back on a lot of the outings, a lot of the people, a lot of the dogs, a lot of the streams that I’ve visited over the years,” Reese said. “It gives you a good reflection on your own life, as well as, I think (the book) hopefully provides a philosophy for others to take a look at, as well.” 

“Life’s Journey Outdoors may be found on or it is available in-office at the News-Graphic. 

“I just wanted to make it—you know, I’ve had a lot of contacts over the years here in the Scott County community and have made a lot of friends along the way,” he said. “(I) just wanted to make it available if some of those folks would like to pick it up and peruse through it.” 

Reese’s favorite story in the collection is about a dog named, Lady he had from the age of five until he was 19, he said. She would go hunting with him and walk him to school every morning. 

“It’s a journey through the countryside...a way of life that’s kind of gone by,” Reese said. 

The journey in publishing his first book has been fulfilling, he said. 


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