A new exhibit opens this Saturday at the Georgetown/Scott County Museum focusing on the black villages of Georgetown and Scott County. The exhibit will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Walking into the exhibit, each village has a dedicated section with pictures, articles and different items highlighting the people who once lived there or live there now. 

Shirl Marks, Billie Travis, Ponice Raglin Cruse, Willa Gentry and Isaac Hughes are just a few people involved in organizing the exhibit which is scheduled to run through Spring 2022. 

“I started in genealogy several years ago and I own a historic house in Stamping Ground,” Marks said. “So, when I started researching more about that it led me to more interest in the whole history of Scott County. Being African American, of course, I love all history, but I really want to research and learn more about the African American families in Scott County.” 

Through researching for the exhibit and her genealogy work over the years, Marks said she has seen how everyone is more alike than different. 

A special section in the museum for Marks is highlighting those who served in the military from Buffalo Soldiers to the Korean War and beyond. 

“I really am proud of that because my dad served, my uncle served, my grandfather served,” Marks said. “It shows that, like I said, people are more alike than different and I think it is going to be an exhibit—even though I’ve seen most of it—every time I go, somebody has brought in something new.”

Saying Marks is excited for the exhibit to open is an understatement, she said. 

“We wanted it to represent the people in Scott County that were African American that may not have had much of a voice then, but that their lives mattered.” 

Those involved in bringing this exhibit to life want to encourage the community to experience it for themselves because Scott County has “such a rich history.”


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