Laurie Oakes was working on a novel for several years when she felt called to pause that project and begin another. 

Out of that time, “Cats, Coffee & Jesus” was written. 

For the last four years Oakes has been writing down her thoughts about the church and life experiences, she said. 

“I felt so strongly that God wanted me to do this,” Oakes said.

The book is meant to help those who read it feel empowered and know that no matter the mistakes in one’s life they are loved. Being real and authentic is important to Oakes. 

“There are a lot of ‘faith bullies’ out there, and I don’t believe God is like that,” she said. “We have a loving Heavenly Father that is approachable.” 

Each chapter in “Cats, Coffee & Jesus” stands alone, Oakes said.

Through writing the book, Oakes and her husband Kal have started a podcast, as well. 

The podcast, which goes by the same name, “Cats, Coffee & Jesus,” is an avenue to talk about a lot of different issues, Oakes said.

The most recent episode of the podcast is called, “Hope & Peace.”

Laurie and Kal have been married for 28 years and have great chemistry, she said. And Kal really wanted to be a part. It has become a true “family affair,” Laurie said.

She hopes to eventually have guests on her podcast and said more podcasts may be out in the future. 

Cats, Coffee & Jesus, the book, will be available on amazon later this month, and the podcast may be found on Spotify and other listening platforms.


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