Jaxson Osborn saved his cousin, Jaymeson, from a drowning accident during the July 4th weekend.

Jaxson Osborn, 9, jumped into action when he saw his three-year-old cousin Jaymeson spinning around in the family pool without floaties. 

The weekend of July 4, Jaxson and his family where at their great-aunt’s house for a gathering, Jaxson’s mother, Kayde Osborn said, and when the family went inside from the pool to get a snack, Jaymeson snuck out and got in the pool. 

Jaxson had stayed out in the pool to continue to play, Osborn said. Then Jaxson noticed Jaymeson floating in the pool with his eyes open and no floaties. He knew something was wrong and Jaymeson was drowning, she said. Jaxson immediately saved Jaymeson from the pool. 

Jaymeson is doing well, Osborn said. 

“(Jaxson) was thankful he was there and able to save (Jaymeson),” she said. 

Jaxson’s family considers him their hero. 

“We’re very proud of him,” Jaxson’s parents Kayde and Ronnie Osborn said. “He’s our superhero.”


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