STAMPING GROUND — Dale Perry has newly been elected to the Stamping Ground City Commission. Within the commission Perry is over streets and roads. 

He has grown up in Stamping Ground and currently is a volunteer with the Stamping Ground Fire Department with the EMTs.  

“My family has been in Stamping Ground since the 1700s,” Perry said. 

Perry cares about the history of Stamping Ground, he said. And he brings history to the commission. 

“I was in the basement when the tornado tore our house in two in the ‘70s,” he said.

He wants to address what is needed, he said. Having grown up in the city he wants to see more activities for youth and help bring that to Stamping Ground.

Perry wants the community to know public meetings are held downtown and are broadcast on Facebook Live through the Buffalo Springs Bulletin Facebook page.  

“If there is anything I’d want to see more of…I really wish more people would get involved,” Perry said.

The Stamping Ground Commission consists of David Clark as Mayor-pro-tem and is over economic development; Rob Jones serves as police commissioner; Jessie Zagaruyka serves over parks and public works; Stamping Ground Mayor Keith Murphy serves as fire commissioner; and Dale Perry serves over streets and roads.


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