Fully assembled rain barrels will be available to order by the City of Georgetown during the Festival of the Horse festivities.

The rain barrels will be available at a significantly discounted price, said city council member Tammy Lusby-Mitchell.

To order:

—Proof of residence within the Georgetown city limits such as a utility bill or driver’s license will be needed to complete an application.

—Initial cost will be $71.25, which can be paid by check, money order or cash.

—Once the rain barrel is installed, take a photo and submit with a refund form for a $35.63 rebate.

“The total cost of your rain barrel will be $35.62 (after the refund), and the average price of a new rain barrel is anywhere from $100-$300,” said Lusby-Mitchell.

The rain barrel will be delivered to your home, she said. For more information call Eddie Hightower at 502-863-9800 or email at eddie.hightower@georgetownky.gov.


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