Savannah Reeves performs with her band at Slante Public House.

Savannah Reeves, a local country music singer, and romance author de de Cox had a chance to smell the roses Sunday night at Slainte Public House. A red carpet event was held for the release of de de Cox’s new book, Stolen Roses and the premiere of Reeves’ music video for her song of the same name.

Reeves and Cox have known each other for some time, they said, and at one of Cox’s other book signings, conversation began about her next book (at the time), Stolen Roses.  

“She was talking about her next book, and how it’s called Stolen Roses,” Reeves said. “I was like, ‘no way. I wrote a song called that… I ended up sharing my song with her. She’s like, ‘It goes exactly with the book.’”

From there they collaborated on the music video for Reeves’ song with music video director, Austin Ozier.

The two plan to continue collaboration, she said.

“Overall, like, this journey, it’s just been something different completely,” Reeves said. “I usually write songs just because, I want to write them and stuff. But, it was actually awesome and challenging to write a song for something else.”   

Writing a song for a book has opened her up to more opportunities, she said. 

Stolen Roses is currently being looked at to be made into a movie, Cox and Reeves revealed.

Cox became a published author at 56, she said, after beginning to write at 33. Her books in the Two Degrees series are top sellers through Beyond Publishing, she said.

Cox believes in the power of connection and how events in life line up, she said. 

“When you have support and encouragement from others, you know, it just makes — you’re happy,” Cox said. “You’re pursuing something that you love. (Savannah) loves country music. I love writing romance books.”


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