Emily Ruth checks out a customer at her pop up shop in Abby Mae’s Boutique.

It started as just a simple garden early this summer, but Twig+Berry founder and owner Emily Ruth, originally from Georgetown but now living in Frankfort, turned her hobby into a local business.

Ruth makes jams and preserves from her own garden, or shops at local orchards for fresh fruits and vegetables.

“This summer I grew a garden, and from the garden I started making tomato preserves and then a family member brought me some peaches and I made some peach jam and it turned out so good,” Ruth said. 

She started making different flavors for friends and family. 

“They were like ‘oh my gosh this is the best. I am never buying store bought jam ever again.’ I was so humbled,” Ruth said. “I never expected it to go this quickly. God has just opened so many doors for me.”

Growing up she always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never really knew how to go about it, Ruth said.

Shortly after she applied for her business permit, Ruth was contacted by Abby Mae’s Boutique in Georgetown and Poor Man’s Cafe in Stamping Ground to talk about selling her product in their stores as a pop-up shop. 

Her husband was the first to suggest she sell the jams. 

“Being in the kitchen this summer, it just brings me so much joy. I found my spark again,” Ruth said. 

A smiling face behind the label is what separates her jams from a typical store-branded jam, she said.

“I’m not just a big corporation or company that is slapping crazy ingredients into a jar and calling it jam,” she said. “I’m bringing fresh ingredients. It’s all natural. It’s all fresh.” 

The process for making jams depends on the flavor. 

The simpler ones, such as strawberry and grape take about an hour to cook, but the more complicated ones have to cook for an entire day, she said.

Twig+Berry offers sizes of four ounces for $3.50, eight ounces for $6.00, 12 ounces for $8.00, and 16 ounces for $10.00. Twig+Berry offers such flavors such as strawberry, grape, blackberry, apple butter, peach, and many more. 

“(God) is moving my life and my business in the right direction,” Ruth said. “I’m so passionate about it, I really do love cooking and being in the kitchen. I turn on my worship music, and I literally jam while I’m making jam.”


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