Thanks to a budding relationship with other Scott County agencies, Sadieville City Hall and Police Station are receiving a needed upgrade in telecommunications equipment.

At Monday night’s City Commission meeting, Mayor Robbie Wagoner detailed plans for the Georgetown/Scott County Emergency Management Agency/Office of Homeland Security (EMA/OHS) to use the city hall’s basement as a satellite office and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office to have a similar area set aside for its use when patrolling the area. As a result of the partnership, city hall and the police station will be getting fiber optics installed by AT&T to allow those agencies to communicate with their home office when using the Sadieville locations.

“We’re excited about giving them space and making them more visible in our town,” Wagoner said. “This will give EMA/OHS a place to work out of if they have to be here. We are in the northern part of the county and the interstate is only a mile away. If there is something they have to respond to in this area, it gives them a place to communicate from.

“The Sheriff’s Office is already in town a lot since we don’t have 24/7 coverage with our own police. But this will give them a place to come in and do their reports.”

EMA/OHS Director Michael Hennigan, said the Sadieville satellite office will provide the agency a back-up location in case the main office is unavailable for some reason.

“Right now our back-up is the basement of the courthouse, and it is just difficult to use with all the boxes and things stored there,” he said. “We have a great deal of responses in the northern part of the county and this location would be ideal to operate out of for that, or if someone just needs to get some reports done. It will make us more visible in the community.”

Hennigan said he is thinking of using the Sadieville location as a drop-in location.

Wagoner also said Sadieville’s law enforcement and emergency personnel will be joining AT&T’s FirstNet program, which allows first responders and other emergency personnel to communicate if the regular cellular network is overloaded. Hennigan explained that FirstNet is useful in case of an emergency and people are overloading the regular cell network to call and check on people, FirstNet allows emergency personnel to have a separate network that they can communicate on.

Wagoner is hoping that by upgrading and adding fiber optics to the government buildings, it will serve as a                                catalyst to get fiber optics to residents.

The commission also continued discussion on cleaning up the city and property that is not kept up. Wagoner said there has been some interest by people outside Sadieville in buying some of the houses and rehabbing them.

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