A construction team assembles and place the ramps for the skate park last Wednesday. 

SADIEVILLE — The idea started when Sadieville Mayor, Rob Wagoner, saw a local park in Carroll County that featured a nice skate park. From there, Wagoner said that he had to make a skate park in Sadieville happen. 

The only problem was the price. 

Wagoner said he called around looking for pricing and called the city’s insurance to see if there was any way that Sadieville could get an affordable skate park. 

Wagoner said to Sadieville’s luck, a park in Flemingsburg had an old set of ramps and jumps that were in storage, no longer being used. Wagoner said that the park was willing to give them to Sadieville for free, as long as they came and picked it up. 

“We got about $15,000 worth of ramps for free,” said Wagoner. 

It only cost the city of Sadieville around $7,800 total to complete their new skate park, with all of that money going towards relocating their sand volleyball court and pouring a concrete foundation, where the skate park now sits. 

Wagoner said that Sadieville Parks and Recreation commissioner Debra Stamper was a crucial piece in making sure the dream of a skate park came to fruition. 

“Deb did such a good job with it,” said Wagoner. 

“Debbie kept saying after COVID hit, ‘we got to do something for these kids,’” Wagoner added. 

Wagoner and Stamper said that the skate park idea was to help give kids something to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, a way for them to get out of the house. 

Veterans Park is always busy on the weekends, Wagoner said, with kids playing on the playground, sand volleyball court, or playing basketball. But Wagoner hopes to see people utilize the new addition to the local park.


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