SADIEVILLE — A special city council meeting held last Thursday, Sept. 10 in Sadiville, discussed topics of concern and interest.

One topic that was focused on heavily was the city of Sadieville now has their AT&T hotspots up and running throughout the city and they will be available for purchase. 

City council members gave AT&T internet hotspots, with 5G internet access, a trial run, to which they found great success and improved signal in their homes. 

“I cannot believe that other people (towns/cities) have not caught on to it,” said Sadieville Mayor Rob Wagoner. 

The council made a motion to purchase a blanket number of hotspots, up to 100, and will continue to order them as needed. 

The total cost to purchase a device is a one-time payment of $39.99, with $50 per month for internet service. 

The motion to purchase up to 100 devices passed unanimously. 

To purchase one, residents can visit city hall or call city hall. 

Other topics discussed were as follows: 

—$12,000 committed to their park project. 

—Discussion’s about whether or not to post officers’ schedule’s, revealing about when they would be on-duty. 

—$35,000 committed for the Main Street wall project.

—$8,500 committed for the Skate Park project.

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