The Scott County School Board gave an estimated timeline of the completion of the new high school at a special-called meeting Thursday night.

The board previously tabled a vote postponing the opening of the new Scott County High School from Aug. 2023 to Aug. 2024 during its December meeting. The vote was on a document, BG-1, to inform the Kentucky Department of Education of the intent to start the project and lays out the cost estimates.

Dr. Kevin Hub, superintendent of Scott County Schools, said he chose to clear the air on the project’s timeline at Thursday’s meeting.

“What we did is delay the opening of the new school by one year, which would give us more time in the design and development phase and also more time in the construction phase,” Hub said. 

Hub said the board is preparing to re-propose BG-1 for approval and show the schematics at a special meeting in February. He added that this would put the start of construction at either September or October of 2021. 

After board member Stephanie Powers questioned the start of the utilities, such as water and sewer, that will be in place at the start of the project, Dr. Hub said this is never an issue as utilities do not come into play until later on.

“You never start a project with utilities in place,” Hub said. “That didn’t happen for Creekside or Great Crossing. For example, the mayor specifically expressed some concern about whether we’re going to be adding sewer capacity, but we’re not. We’re taking it and moving it.”

However, Hub did clarify that the site of the new high school has not yet been annexed into the city, but does expect that to happen.

“I’d think for sure the city is going to want to annex this property,” he said. “When they annex this new property, the sewer thing is not going to be an issue. We’re not adding to the sewage capacity, we’re simply moving them.”

Hub also explained there was an issue with storm shelter being provided, but that those numbers have been incorporated into the budget that will be included with the BG-1 document approval. 

Overall, Hub said the high school is still within its original budget.

“We’re well within our fiscal means to be doing what we’re planning on doing,” Hub said.

Hub added that this project will have “some significant earth work that needs to be done” compared to Great Crossing. He said the added time with will be beneficial for the project.

“What that does is give us a 30-month construction timeframe different than what we used for Great Crossing,” he said. “This time we’re scheduling the project to be in our hands done in the April/May timeframe, which gives us more time to have everything ready to start school that fall.”

Board member Kevin Kidwell commended the board for their work on the project.

“Fortunately, this board was able to roll quickly and approve things,” Kidwell said. “I believe everybody will enjoy the little extra time and maybe our punch list won’t be quite so long.”

Hub said the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also had an effect on the schedule, as certain things are taking longer complete than they would have previously.

“Everything that happens between now and groundbreaking is going to be much tougher under COVID,” Hub said. “Processes are taking longer, housing and building codes have moved from a four-to-six-week turnaround to 12 to 16 weeks, waiver for the storm shelter is an additional 45 days. When you guys are ready to start really submitting forms in February, we’ll be way ahead of      the game.”

At the special February meeting, Hub said the board members will discuss and approve the BG-1 document and be able to view schematics. The official date for this meeting is Feb. 11

At Thursday night’s been, the school board also had to complete a few reorganization items within the board itself. This included:

• Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub will serve as temporary chairman of the board.

• Board member Diana Brooker will serve as board chair of the Scott County Board of Education for the 2021-2022 academic year.

• Susan Duncan will serve as vice chair of the Scott County Board of Education for the 2021-2022 academic year.

• Susan Duncan and Jo Anna Fryman were selected to continue reviewing monthly bills, as well as superintendent expenses.

• Stephanie Powers will continue to review school calendar options.

The next regularly scheduled Scott County Board of Education meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25 via Zoom.


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