The mother of a Georgetown Middle School girls’ basketball player has alleged that her daughter was the target of a racially insensitive comment during a game Monday night at Bourbon Middle School.

In a widely-shared Facebook post that eventually drew the interest of local television news outlets, Latonia Summers wrote that the remarks were directed at her child after a scramble on the floor that ended in a held ball.

As the players emerged from the pile, Summers related that her daughter, who is Black, was told, “You aren’t that good. You should go back to picking cotton.”

Summers went on to describe the alleged incident as “sickening” and “sad.”

“I commend the ladies for standing up for another in that atmosphere,” Summers wrote. “No child should have to deal with that. That’s a taught behavior.”

In a statement issued to NBC affiliate LEX18, Scott County Schools said it is working with Bourbon County to ascertain that the allegations are “taken seriously, investigated thoroughly and handled appropriately.”

When interviewed by the station, Summers said it was hard for her to even repeat the words she believes were said to her daughter.

“Instantly, it just sent chills, rage through my body,” she added. “This was a prime definition of hate that I saw, a prime definition of agony, of pain, of hurt that not only my daughter experienced but her teammates experienced.”

The investigation is expected to be completed this week. Summers told LEX18 that if it can be confirmed the words were said, substantial action should be taken.

“I think they should be taken off the team,” she said. “I think the coach should be fired. I feel like the coach should be held just as accountable as those players.”

Middle school basketball is played during the fall, allowing select players to play for the high school varsity in their community, if they are deemed ready.


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