SCHS award

SCHS Principal Meocha Williams and Assistant Principal Eddie Clement accepts the Global Education Excellence award from Karen and Ron Stanfield.

Scott County High School has received national recognition for excellence in global education from EF High School Exchange. 

Scott County High School was awarded the EF High School Exchange Year Global Education Excellence Award, which is presented annually to schools that show commitment to international understanding and global awareness. 

The award is not limited to one school per year, but rather is given out to many, out of the thousands of high schools across the country that represent what EF High School Exchange Year stands for. 

“Scott County has shown an outstanding commitment to offering a global education,” said Bob Fredette, President of EF High School Exchange Year, in a press release. 

The award was presented for last school year, 2019-2020, before the school year was abruptly ended back in March of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We thank Scott County high School for welcoming students from around the globe,” Local exchange coordinators Karen and Ron Stanfield added in the press release. “The community and visiting students shared an unforgettable experience thanks to the generosity of Scott County High School’s administration, teachers, students and families.” 

Principal Meocha Williams, along with Assistant Principal Eddie Clement, accepted the award for Scott County High School. 

“Part of our mission at Scott County High School is to ensure that we are preparing our students for college and careers through authentic learning opportunities,” said Principal Williams. 

“Students know they are welcomed and cared for at Scott County High School,” Williams added. 

EF High School Exchange Year was founded in 1979, and since then, has matched over 100,000 exchange students from across the world with families here in the United States, according to EF Exchange Year. EF Exchange High School Exchange Year brings more students from across the world to the United States than any other program. Around 3,000 students each year, according to EF Exchange Year. 

“Our partners at EF have always been fantastic to work with and we attribute program success to our shared value of wanting to ensure that our exchange experiences feel like home,” said Williams. 

“We take pride in doing things the Cardinal way, which is rooted in belief that we strive to do everything at a level excellence.”


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