Scary scene

A bus transporting Scott County football personnel back from Friday's game in Lexington caught fire on Interstate 75. The blaze was believed to be the result of a mechanical malfunction. According to a statement from the school district, all players, coaches and the driver were unhurt.

What was already a hard night for the Scott County football team took a scary turn Friday when a bus carrying players back from the Frederick Douglass game in Lexington had a malfunction and caught fire on Interstate 75.

According to a statement from Scott County Schools, everyone on board is safe and unharmed, including students, coaches and the driver.

Parents of the players involved praised the adults in charge of the situation for keeping everyone calm and getting them away from the scene.

"The outcome of the game doesn't matter," Chris Willhite, father of senior defensive back Andrew Willhite, wrote in a Facebook post. "Thankful the players and coaches were able to get off the bus before it caught fire."

"Coaches did an amazing job of getting all the players off the bus safely," added Brooke Miracle, mother of offensive lineman Ethan Miracle.

Steve McClain of Georgetown, one of the official statisticians at the game, said he passed the bus shortly before the incident and noticed that it was having some difficulty.

"I started to stop, but had no idea this is what would happen," he said.

Willhite pointed out the good fortune that the breakdown occurred near the Mile 118 split of Interstates 64 and 75.

One more mile or two farther northbound, he noted, and the bus would have been in a narrow, two-lane section due to the current road construction, making evacuation much more difficult.

"My son and nephew were on this bus!" said Melissa Valencia, whose sophomore son, Luke, recovered two fumbles in the game. "I about lost my mind, Thankful everyone is OK."

LEX18 reported that passers-by alerted the team to the fire underneath the bus, and that some attempted to help with extinguishers to no avail.

The incident took place at around 10:50 p.m.

Another bus was dispatched to the scene to transport the 36 passengers back to SCHS.

Scott County lost the game, 35-0, dropping to 2-3 on the season.

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