Sharon Flynt, the Horticulture agent for the Scott County Extension Office, is teaching a Master Gardeners class that will begin on Sept. 25. 

The class will be virtual. 

“We will have the same content that we would have otherwise in the county,” Flynt said. 

The class is in preparation to become a volunteer for the Scott County Extension office in the Horticulture Department. Horticulture is the agriculture of plants of plants for things such as decoration, food, and comfort. 

Flynt does work around the Scott County community, including teaching classes, helping residents any way she can, such as testing soil and helping with sick or dying trees. 

The Scott County Extension Office also works on plant, insect and disease identification, as well as composting and landscaping. 

There is an application process that people can go through in order to gain a spot in the class. The class will be a college-level course. 

“If they (people) love gardening and are looking for information and education, then this would be great for them,” said Flynt. 

The class is scheduled to start Sept. 25, and will continue until the latter part of January with breaks in November and December for the holidays. 

To complete the application process, people can go to If someone does not have internet access, they can call the Scott County Extension Office at 502-863-0984. 

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