A Scott County voter casts his ballot election day at Anne Mason Elementary.

Election Day voting in Scott County was smooth and steady, said Amber Hoffman, elections coordinator for the Scott County Clerk’s Office.

Like all Kentucky counties, all Scott County precincts were directed to a single voting location, in this case Anne Mason Elementary school and its next-door neighbor Royal Spring Middle School on Champion Way.

The location at Anne Mason Elementary had been open to voters since June 8. Estimates are some 2,576 people voted in person during the primary although there were few local races.

The requests for mail-in ballots broke a local record although the specific number of requests was not released.

“A little under 1,000” mail-in ballots were received by the clerk’s office the day following Election Day, she said. In order to be valid, ballots had to be postmarked June 23, Election Day. Mail-in ballots could be mailed or dropped into a locked box outside the clerk’s office in the Scott County Court House.

Because of the unusual nature of this election due to the pandemic and the large amount of mail-in ballots to be counted, results will not be available until around 6 p.m. Tuesday June 30.


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