The blessing box in Stamping Ground is located in front of the Ruritan building.

STAMPING GROUND — In front of the Ruritan building sits a special box.

Called the Buffalo Blessing Box, it has become  an opportunity for some to serve and a blessing for others in need. The contains of the box is always changing, but mostly it has food and other items someone may need. 

“I’ve also been adding school supplies to it just in case they’re needed by anyone,” said Jesse Zagaruyka, Stamping Ground city commissioner. 

Stamping Ground is more akin to a big family, which is one reason why she believes the donation box gets used as often as it does, Zagaruyka said.

“I think as a community we all just keep an eye on it and make sure it always has stuff in it,” Zagaruyka said. 

The box has been getting used a lot more since the COVID-19 pandemic, said the commissioner. 

There have been discussions about adding a second Blessing Box, but there isn’t 100 percent certainty as of yet, Zagaruyka said.. 

Non-perishable foods are the food of choice for donations to the Blessing Box, but during the school year, school supplies are acceptable for students in need. 

“I also know of family that uses it, which is why I personally make the effort,” Zagaruyka said. ‘”I have really seen how this community is more like one very large family.”


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