The quarantine of a third grade class, increasing hospitalizations and the 41st county death since the pandemic began are all indications the latest surge of COVID-19 continues to have a firm grip on Scott County and Kentucky.

A 74-year-old man who was unvaccinated died earlier this week pushing the county’s death toll to 41, and the fifth death attributed to COVID  in Scott County since the Delta surge began in July.

Since Sept. 1, 25 people have been hospitalized with COVID, ranging in ages from 20 years of age to 82. Eighteen of those patients hospitalized are unvaccinated, four were vaccinated and three were unknown. 

Georgetown Community Hospital has stopped releasing its actual COVID census upon directions from its corporate office. The figures are being given to the WEDCO Health District, but those numbers may include hospitalizations from outside the county. Last week, GCH reported 19 COVID patients, and hospital officials said this week the COVID census remains high.

Last week, the chief nursing officer for GCH recorded a video detailing the challenges and stress COVID has placed on its health care providers. This week, the WEDCO Health District, which serves Scott, Harrison and Nicholas counties as well as home health for Bourbon County, stated it was overwhelmed with the volume of new COVID cases.

“Our team can no longer keep up with the daily cases,” states WEDCO on its Facebook page. “They have done an exceptional job at managing the caseload, but the speed at which information and cases are coming, we have to manage an appropriate workload each day to keep up eh stamina required to do all the things related to disease investigation, case management, information to our community, schools and other partners.

“If you test with a provider, they should report your results to you. If they do not, and you are testing because you have been exposed or symptomatic, please isolate/quarantine and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.”

Some 501 new cases of COVID have been confirmed in Scott County since Sept. 1, and 1,684 cases confirmed since Aug. 1.

The Scott County School system started the year requiring masks for students, teachers, staff and visitors. While the school system has been able to continue in-person instruction, some schools are struggling with increasing COVID numbers. A third grade class at Stamping Ground Elementary has been quarantined after three members of the class were confirmed to have COVID. On its home website the school system maintains a daily chart of quarantines and positive cases but it only charts new cases for the day posted, and is not cumulative. On Wednesday, the school system’s chart noted 80 students and one staff member were quarantined with 16 students and six staff members testing positive on that date.


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