The swearing in ceremony for the most recent class of Teen Court graduates was held Monday evening at Elkhorn Crossing School. 

“Teen Court began in 1992 as one of many law related programs offered by the Kentucky Court of Justice through its Department of Family and Juvenile Services,” the event program reads. 

Kentucky Teen Court operates in 17 counties across the Bluegrass. 

“The program is based on the premise that most young people want to do what is right when making decisions,” they wrote. “Even those who may make the wrong choice due to external factors, such as peer pressure, are often gratified to learn they have an opportunity to make amends.” 

First-time offenders are put before a jury of their teen peers in Teen Court. 

Monday’s ceremony included a mock trial. 

Here is a list of 2021-2022 Scott County Teen Court participants

Kensington Addington

Shantin Aguilar

Ben Apple

Jessica Armentano 

Wendy Campos-Arzola

Matthew Bathon 

Matthew Beckett 

Jada Behr

Tatum Borman

Khloe Bowen

Sophie Brown

Avah Browning

Kate Burton

Kamryn Camp 

Dakota Carter 

Emersen Colcord

Bethany Creech 

Brookelyn Creech 

Brody Davis

Alessandra Dellinger 

Macey Dixon 

Kaitlyn Duncan 

Cassandra Edington

Kaylynne Everman

Katherine Feeback

Chloe Fitzpatrick

Chloe Frazier 

Kyley Fultz

Raven Gilliam 

Regan Gilliam 

Eliza Gogol

Madeline Goins

Elena Gomez

Shelbie Graham

Luke Greisser 

Audryana Harris

Trinity Harris

Kayla Hawkins

Miakada Hoiser

Anastasia Jaddock

Lauren Jones

Emily Kessler

Lindsay Knecht

Adalynn Little 

Max Lovell 

Colton Lowallen

Caroline Lyons

Maelyn McKay

Morgan Maldonado

Sarah Marcum 

Caleb Martin

Grace Matusik

Calla Mitchum

Braci Molton

Katherine Monroe 

William Murphy 

Bryan Munoz

Adrianna Munson

eEllie Nelson

Emily Nichols 

Maggie Noland

Sophie Norsworthy

Yian Ortiz

Lucas Ratcliff

Caroline Richardson

Aubrey Roark

Trenton Roark

Lily Rose

Kaylee Saunders 

Catherine Schilder

William Schilder

Claire Sherman 

Ava Shook

Elijah Simpson

William Steyn 

Cadence Stilz

Elizabeth Thornton 

Angelica Vazquez 

Landon Whitson

Elijah Williams

Jacob Williams

Leah Willoughby

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