A TikTok trend seems to be encouraging vandalism. 

Last week the News-Graphic reported on a trend called, “devious licks,” in which Scott County Schools experienced soap and towel dispensers, signs and bathrooms damaged, stolen or destroyed.

Georgetown Police believe a string of graffiti tags hitting area neighborhoods may be linked to the same trend. 

“We’ve had houses being painted on the backside, as well as cars—a couple vehicles being keyed,” said Assistant Chief Darin Allgood.

Neighborhoods hit include those around Champion Way, Bradford Place and the Colony, Allgood said. 

There are no suspects at this time, but it is believed the vandals are juveniles, he said.

“It’s the latest thing that’s going on with the TikTok app,” he said. 

Cooper Martin experienced the supposed “trend” firsthand. 

After driving to work, his coworkers pointed out the scribbles on the passenger side of his BMT Maintenance van. Martin decided to drive back home, hoping his personal vehicle wasn’t marked. 

“The entire way (home) I had my fingers crossed that they didn’t do my personal truck, and sure enough they did my personal truck, as well,” he said. 

Disappointed is how Martin describes his feelings.

“Apparently causing a bunch of physical damage to property is a trend now,” Martin said. “It’s definitely disappointing. You wish that there was a little bit more community pride and wanting to take care of what’s around you. 

“I understand being a kid, running around at all hours of the night, it’s kind of a right-of-passage being young and dumb, but there is definitely a line that was crossed when thousands of dollars of damage occurred.” 

Parents should know what their children are up to, Martin said.

“If it is teenagers, if it is kids doing these TikTok trends…make sure your kids aren’t doing dumb stuff in the middle of the night,” he said. “Keep an eye on them. Don’t let them run amok.” 

Parents should speak up and help put a stop to the social media trends, he said.

Anyone with information about these acts of vandalism should contact the Georgetown Police Department at 502-863-7828.


James Scogin can be reached at jscogin@news-graphic.com.

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