Brandon White isn’t just a school resource officer (SRO), Honor Guard and  defensive tactics instructor for the Georgetown Police Department. Now he’s the bailiff on a nationally syndicated television show.

“Relative Justice” premieres September 13th and was produced in Lexington this summer. The show focuses on “real people, real cases, real families,” according to the “Relative Justice” Facebook page.

“The opportunity to represent the community and police department… It meant a lot,” White said.

He has been with GPD for ten years, and in entertainment for about five years, he said. 

“(the opportunity) was a godsend to be honest,” White said.

To White, the set of “Relative Justice” was like family. 

“We were all like brothers and sisters on set,” he said.

Georgetown was well-represented on the set. 

Gerel Jackson, Simon Relford, Emma Rogers and James Scogin filled various positions within production throughout the first season. Some faces in the audience may look familiar as well. Some community members were selected to sit in the gallery during tapings.

White remembers his mom always watching “Judge Judy,” noting she has to have seen and recorded all of the episodes. So, the opportunity to join the cast of a similar show was more motivation. 

“I also want to make my mom proud,” he said. “She was really excited to know I was going to be on ‘Relative Justice.’”

White, known as Bailiff Brandon on “Relative Justice,” will make his national television debut alongside Judge Rhonda Wills on September 13th. 

“You’re never too old to dream big,” White said.


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