Over the weekend my graduating class form Scott County High School gathered for the 10 year reunion. No, I did not attend, unfortunately, but I want to contribute to the memories with a look back. 

Some memories that stand out to me from our senior year are because of the people. I won’t list all of the names, as there are way too many to fit in this column, but I was able to call a lot of my classmates friend. I, myself, was an in-betweener, someone who is known to fit within many social circles, or better put by Urban Dictionary as: “People who are not cool enough to be popular but not nerdy enough to be geeks.” 

—I like it that way. 

Growing up I was a pretty quiet kid. I stayed that way for many of my school years. I would venture to say I still am quiet at times, but my senior year specifically, I remember breaking out of my shell the most. 

I was in one theater production during my high school career, and it happened to be my senior year. MacBeth was the fall production where Layton Sharp dawned the leading role. I remember having one line—and I still probably messed that up—but, as I look back, I had a blast. Kara Ward, Serenity (Hetzell) Hyman, Joseph Lane, Kyle Bezold, Ben Southworth, among many others were also a part of the play. 

The musical that spring was “Back to the 80’s.” I didn’t have a role on stage, but I recorded the play and sold DVDs to classmates and parents—yes, this was illegal, I’m sure—but it was a good time. The highlight video I shot for “Back to the 80’s” is still on the News-Graphic YouTube Channel. 

Lupe Fiasco’s, “The Show Goes On,” was our song for the 2011 graduating class. Shooting that music video for everyone was truly an honor, and who knew it would come full circle years later where I would get to photograph Lupe Fiasco at Manchester Music Hall? 

Those were special moments. 

To reflect, I also wanted to go through the yearbook and maybe help jog a few of our aging memories. 

Alex Trevigne painted his car and had friends sign the roof and doors to remember the year.

Disney Review was the choral concert theme where Danielle Harris performed “Colors of the Wind.” 

Prom’s theme was Arabian Nights. Isaac Allen and Deanna (Walker) Bezold were named Prom King and Queen. 

Katheryn Combs was crowned Homecoming Queen. 

The Homecoming dance theme was a rave. Josh Dawson showed off his dancing skills doing a popular dance move at the time, the Dougie. 

Dominique and Donovan Norris, Casey Curren, Jordan Mattingly, Josh Ford, James Newsome and Cody Rowe participated in the male pageant where Dominique was crowned winner. 

Kyle Bezold and Layla Lee were named, “most likely to start a NERF army.” When does the tournament start?

Steven Walker and Bailey Ubellacker were named, “most likely to become a rocket scientist.” Definitely see this. 

Clay Defoor and Kenisha Lewis were named, “most likely to argue with Judge Judy.” You all still want to be on TV?

Jay Willmott and Kristen (Stainback) Fields were named, “most likely to be on ESPN.” Did this happen? 

Dalton Livesay and Victoria House were named, “most likely to have a number one hit.” I truly could see this happening. Livesay has bars. 

Alex Cope and Chanteliese Griskell were named most likely to be the next billionaire.” So… 

These are just a few of the memories found throughout our senior yearbook. Since I wasn’t able to attend the reunion I wanted to share a contribution in writing this column. To everyone I graduated with, thank you for the memories. Our high school may have been chaotic, but, honestly, what in life isn’t? 

I hope these tidbits help bring back the good times and I hope to see you all around.


James Scogin is a videographer for the Georgetown News-Graphic.

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