To the Editor,

Bill Burke’s hissy fits when he reads my “misguided  or inaccurate” words” need clarification.

1.) Magistrates base salary was not in question but he did add the usual trope: “others get paid more.” I did not question anyone asking for raises. It does appear they get them without asking : base pay in 2018, $24,806.60. Base pay in 2020 $27,648.43 increase of $2,841.83 or a little more than 5% per year. Odd, Burke never acknowledged that. 

2.) Why didn’t Burke rant about the News-Graphic poll: 62% voting the salaries of Fiscal Court and City Council were adequate pay for part time work.   

3.) The biggest omission in his letter, $32,740, the pork he adds to his own paycheck. 

 A few accurate facts that needed to be shared.

 Many years ago when Varney was mayor, I wrote the “Pump My Paycheck” salaries of court and council; the response was a two-edged sword. One lady said she tore it out of the newspaper and put it on her refrigerator to remember in the next election. Another said, those pork filled salaries are going get a lot of attention from people we don’t want running. Which brings us to Brad Penn.

Penn’s rant against Professor Cario for expressing his opinions on City Council Karen Tingles-Sames’ ineloquent remarks smells like his resume to charm her voters; he wants back on the council. His dog whistle remarks were ugly and dangerous, telling people Cario’s address and suggesting protest. Those two paragraphs should not have been printed because they didn’t meet the standard” in good taste.” Fortunately, many of us remember “all about Brad Penn.”

2020 will be a year written in history books with science, truth and Democracy winning over deaths, lies and hypocrisies.

We are being told, “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” We can only hope the light is from the Star of Bethlehem we are seeing not the light coming from a freight train. Peace.


Judy Rembacki


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