To the Editor,

We are all probably aware that many states have had their presidential election vote count challenged. It is apparent, even to the most casual observer, that several states have unusual activities surrounding the balloting and vote counting. Several states have had “challenges” to the outcome. In some states the courts or legislatures have ruled that there may have been invalid ballots cast but not enough to change the election and thus are summarily dismissed. These dismissals come, not as a result of lack of evidence, but as a result of the judges not wanting to enter into the “fray” resulting from a cancelled election.  

If improprieties occurred, then does that negate all the ballot results? Should we negate only the presidential election? Do we need to schedule a new election? What about the need to have electors vote on Dec. 14? As is obvious, judges do not want to “go there.”  

At this point, we know that there has been a concerted effort to increase the ballot count for Joe Biden — why, because the issues have not occurred in one or two counties, but in entire states. So, without the US Supreme Court getting involved and cancelling the election results from some states, we appear to be stuck with the purported results.  

So, now what? 

Barring cancellation, we must look forward to the next congressional election and the next presidential election. If the perpetrators got way with their actions this year, it is pretty much guaranteed they will be active in the next elections. We need Congress to amend the voting requirements for congressional and presidential election to very specifically define the qualifications for these voters. Potential voters, must be citizens, have a current state-issued ID to be able to vote in person. For non in person voting, only requested ballots can be sent (eliminating the shot-gun gross mailing to anyone suspected as being a potential voter.) This becomes the definition of absentee balloting. The request must include the voter’s identification information (state ID serial number.) Ballot harvesting is not to be permitted. On receipt by the election offices, the ballot envelope must have a verifiable signature before allowing the envelope to be opened. Totaling must occur in conditions that permit observers to verify actions. 

Only then can we say we have verifiable, open elections. Maybe, we need some federal oversight so that confidence can be restored in out elections. Failure to meet all these conditions will result in leaders we deserve, not necessarily those we want or need.  


Don Dziubakowski


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