To the Editor,

A Prayer — God thank you for your goodness to us, even when we don’t deserve it. 

We in the U.S. thought we won the cold war. We pushed the communists back, but they never went away. They were already in the U.S. deeper than we knew — its like a cancer, if we only get rid of 90% of it, it will come back and metastasize everywhere. It is obvious that it has. 

Democratic Socialists of America is just one of the multitude of organizations that trains and gives us the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and others. Defund the police? So then who would watch the hen house? The foxes of course. Free wages — free everything? 

Who would these one world communists take from to give people free wages, health care, homes, on and on? Oh, from you and me, and those “nasty” successful businesses. Oh wait, the communists would take over the businesses and they would not be able to give charitably like most do now.  Oh, and neither would you or I, because we would be reduced to being poor as well. I’ve been to Russia, and it is not something I would want to live in. Citizens don’t have much, commodities are hard to come by, it is really miserable compared to living in a free country, under a constitution that guarantees individual freedom. 

The burning down parts of cities, harassing citizens, this is a communist tactic to create fear, all the while they use social justice as a front to take over groups that are really trying to make a difference. China’s communist party is quite involved in all this. Have you noticed that communists run our universities, a lot of our churches, our Democrat Party, our unions, Hollywood, most of American society. Local leaders are largely giving in to the themes of communism, where they go along with calling evil good and calling good evil. What is being taught in public schools is community, social groups, tolerance, diversity — the National Education Association is not looking for traditional teachers, they are looking for agents of change. 

We are now seeing the culmination of most of this. 

Now, like him or not, a president is so despised by these communist one world sons of Satan, that they are cheating like never before to stop him from defending the constitution. Whose side are you on?


Tim Boll


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