To the Editor,

I have taken the time to explain the differences of socialism. I support Bernie Sanders and AOC. It is time to end corporate subsidies and leaders of industry heading up the government oversight and regulatory committees that over sees that industry. 

Socialism explained.

Socialism: The government owns most to the major industries. This an extreme system that seems to fail.

Corporate Socialism (our current system): The government mostly benefits wealthy corporations. Most major industries are privately owned (capitalism), but still receive massive handouts, bailouts and other benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. It is driven by corporations’ ability to influence the laws with large amounts of money that results in legislation that favours their ability to make even larger amounts of money. in this system the wealthy become more wealthy at the expense of the lower classes. This system is essentially a plutocracy (ruled by the wealthy). 

Democratic Socialism: The government mostly benefits the citizens. Most major industries are privately owned. (capitalism) but they have to stand on their own without handouts from the government. The tax burden previously funneled to the wealthy is used to improve the lives of citizens instead. This enables the government to help fund improvements to public services such as: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, libraries, roads and interstates, education and healthcare. This system is driven by the people working together and lifting each other up. In this system the middle class thrives and poverty decreases. This system is more democratic (ruled by the people) than our current system of oligarchy. 


Matt Makaveli


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