To the Editor,

To every citizen of the United States, I have some thoughts for you to consider before you cast your vote this year.

Did you or any of your family go to war to fight for our country and our freedom?

My dad did. He was in the Air Force in WWII. He served some of his time in the China, Berma, India Theater. He helped to keep the airplanes in the air. He was loyal and honorable in his service to our country. He was not a loser or a sucker as Trump believes our service members are. he was on of the best human beings I have ever known. He was not able to stay home and nurse his bone spurs. You must feel the same way about your son or daughter or parent who served and died or were forever affected by their service.

How do you feel about bounties being put on the lives of our military members? Is that okay with you? I see signs of veterans for Trump. Really? What is he doing for veterans besides ridicule and disrespect for the sacrifices military members are making this very day.

Have you lost a family member to COVID-19? The fact that the American People have been lied to about this virus is disgraceful. In fact, for the last four years we have been lied to about almost everything. Is that Ok with you? Republicans and Democrats must understand that Donald Trump does not care about anything except Donald Trump. That has been obvious to anyone who cares about our future.

Why aren’t any of our other elected Senators and Representatives speaking out about any of this? Mitch McConnell and the rest of the republican gang in Washington have their head so far up Trump’s you know what they have lost all touch with reality. They need to realize that the people who sent them to Washington can also send them home. That is what is going to happen. Some think they have a guarantee on their Senate or House seat. Not true.

Who the hell does Mitch McConnell think he is? He wasn’t sent to Washington to suck up to Donald Trump. He was sent their to represent us. From his actions recently he is there to destroy our health insurance, do away with women’s rights and be a puppet for Trump. We need to ditch Mitch and dump Trump. I’m sure he won’t lose his health insurance.

Do you currently have health insurance? You are being lied to again. The Trump Administration is, at this very minute, in court to do away with your health insurance. Don’t fall for all that B.S. on the campaign trail. It’s all air and no substance.

Should you be afraid to live in a community that you have lived in for years?

Why all of the sudden should you be afraid? Because every time Trump opens his mouth he is telling you to be afraid. He is fueling the fire of racial discourse because his base likes to hear that. Do you? All this junk is just to get reelected. What kind of America will we have if we have four more years of this?

If you are served with a subpoena to appear in court, could you ignore it? Sure you could, but the police would be around to take you out in handcuffs and take you to jail.

Think back over the last four years. What is different in your life? Be honest with yourself. Every time Trump opens his mouth he’s feeding you a line of bull. He is destroying this country we all love so much. Are you better off now that you were four years ago? Do you have a job? Is your family healthy? Do you feel better about your future?

Do you believe democrats and republicans can work together to make things better in the future? You bet we can. We have done it before. We need someone with an honest, hopefully and compassionate outlook to start things back on better track of rebuilding what has been destroyed. We don’t have a palace in Washington where a king lives to lord over his subjects. We have a big white house paid for by the American people and we allow the president we elect to live in it for four years. We allow that because we believe the president we elect will represent all the people and obey the oath they take at the beginning of their term. Not a single Republican has opened their mouth to speak out about the things that have been going on. They continue stand by and let things happen. They are hooked on the Trump Train and they will ride it all the way to the end. Again, that will be their problem when they are up for reelection.

Where will the line be drawn on what we are willing to accept. How many lives have to be lost? How many veterans does he have to degrade? How many laws have to be broken?

Kuchner made the comment that the protection equipment for our front line workers that had been stockpiled by the government didn’t belong to the American people. Then, who does it belong to? Does it belong to Russia or Saudi Arabia?

Then to the vote. Don’t let the President discourage anyone from voting. Vote as early as you can and by whatever means you can. It is your constitutional right and responsibility to vote. All this bs about rigging the election is all the scare people away from voting.

I love this country and am insulted and angry about what has been allowed to happen in the last 4 years.


Evelyn Jenkins


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