To the Editor,

Vote Josh Hicks, Democrat for Congress in the Sixth District. He is smart, authentic, honest, courageous and empathetic to the plight of Kentuckians. He has life experience as a Marine, a police officer, and an attorney. He cares. In contrast. Fact: Andy Barr, a career politician, has never had a “real job” unless you count being an intern for Mitch McConnell.

Do you take prescription drugs? Fact: Andy Barr has voted to stop Medicare from negotiating lower prescription drug prices. Josh Hicks will fight to lower the price of your prescription drugs.

Do you have any pre-existing health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer? Do these run in your family? Fact: Andy Barr has repeatedly voted to remove your coverage to these and other pre-existing conditions by voting to end the Affordable Care Act. Josh Hicks will fight to protect your healthcare. All of it.

Josh Hicks will fight for rural broadband Internet. We are blessed that our grandchildren are currently learning on-line with their computers. But there are other Kentucky children that don’t have this advantage because they lack broadband Internet access. We need a fix now for on-line learning. We need a long term solution for all rural Kentuckians, so they can participate in the digital computer world of the future.

Watch the debates and see for yourself how Josh Hicks speaks honestly and directly about he will fight for you in contrast to a career politician using political “babble speak”.

Josh Hicks will fight for all Kentuckians in Congress. Request your ballot today at and vote as early as possible to make sure your voice is heard.


Terry and Mark Strickland


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