To the Editor,

First, let me say I am disappointed in a newspaper that allows one letter writer to viciously attack another letter writer, neither of which is a politician who are fair game for public abuse or praise because it goes with their paycheck and perks. 

But some things, no matter how distasteful, must be addressed least it be allowed to continue. A letter writer, whom I do not know, accused me of “incessant hatred of Republicans” along with a jumble of other offenses. I do not hate. Period. Hate is energy depleting and very bad for the complexion.

I wrote in praise of our mayor, certain council members, Billy Parker and all the school board members, people from both parties, who took the right stand to protect us in this surging pandemic.

Karen Tingle-Sames’ attitude and actions to the mayor and council members were indeed”selfish” and childish and revealed herself. Karen may well be the most expensive council member with all the healthcare benefits she gives herself. If Karen gets sick, the taxpayer pays her bills. Karen’s followers may not be so lucky.

Many flower businesses have slowed because so many obituaries now request, “in lieu of flowers.” But something new has been added “A Cullman, Alabama man, who died while 43 hospitals in three states tried to get him an intensive care bed, asked his obituary to state: Get vaccinated against COVID-19 in his honor.” Here was a man who cared about his community to the end.

Now, one in 500 deaths from COVID-19 illnesses are registered in the U.S. and counting. Be aware: insurance companies are in the process of reviewing their COVID-19 policy coverage because vaccines are fully available and free. If the unvaccinated get sick now it could really be something to worry about. 

There is a beautiful hymn, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Peace begins with each of us. Get your shot, wear your mask. We never know for whom the bell tolls. Or when.

Peace to all of us. 


Judy Rembacki


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