To the Editor,

We must oppose these backward Bills HB-60 and HB-69. They are intended to stop the teaching of CRT or Critical Race Theory in Kentucky’s public schools. CRT is a catch all phrase about the teaching of slavery as foundational to the building of our country. It’s taught in some Graduate and Law schools not in grades K-12.

These bills want to hamstring teachers from teaching about slavery, the civil rights movement or any subject that may make the majority of students uncomfortable like the Holocaust. This is the white washing of our past and will only present disinformation and propaganda.

As a retired teacher from Scott County school system, a parent and grandparent of public school students, I want all our students to be well informed problem solvers for a culturally diverse 21C world.

We cannot allow these bills to be passed because they will move us backwards to pre-civil rights 1950s. College students are rarely going into teaching and we are looking at a severe teachers shortage. This is not going to help make teaching attractive. These vaguely written bills will be impossible to objectively enforce. Some teachers already fear getting fined or fired for teaching about slavery, the holocaust, the Trail of tears or Martin Luther King or Any part of our history that may make students uncomfortable. This is a gag order on teaching our true history or as much as we know in 2021. 

Let’s not allow propaganda and fear tactics($5000 fine for teachers who don’t comply) to be used in our public schools. Please do your own research and contact your state Legislators and ask them to oppose HB-60 and HB-69. Leave your messages:800-372-7181.


Rosanne Klarer


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