To the Editor,

Stores used to post signs that read, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.” With the crisis of COVID-19 and its deadly consequence, “No Mask” should be additional caveat for this directive. Most businesses in Georgetown that I have frequented require all shoppers to wear a face covering, but at least one seems reluctant to enforce this public health mandate. 

My case in point is Kroger. Over the store entrance is the perfunctory mask sign, but once inside, some shoppers tend to interpret this directive. For whatever reason, they ignore the fact that the nose and mouth must be covered to prevent the potential spread of the virus to other shoppers. Just the other night, I saw a gentleman in the checkout line with his mask covering only his chin. What made this egregious was the Kroger employee standing a few feet behind him with a mask only covering his mouth. On the other hand, Meijer in Lexington takes the threat of COVID-19 more seriously. Whether by the action of either corporate policy or concerned store employees, you do not see shoppers wearing facial coverings in a haphazard fashion. An additional bonus with Meijer is that they still sterilize all shopping carts for the customers.

If Kroger is reluctant to enforce the mask policy, and protect their customers at the same time, then I’ll take my business elsewhere. I will lose the convenience of shopping locally and spend more to travel to Lexington. But it will be satisfying to shop at a business that is making the effort to protect my health and that of the public. 


Jim Long


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