To the Editor,

The Libertarian Party is ripe for growth. With so many disenfranchised with the duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties, many are looking for another option that meets their own values and beliefs. Many are fed up and looking for an answer. 

I would encourage those looking for a common sense approach to look at the Libertarian Party. Back in 1776, one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine published a highly influential pamphlet titled “Common Sense” which spoke out against the overreach of British authority and I argue that today, common sense is what we need. This party derives its name from the word “liberty” that is, freedom in its truest form. There are no signs of government power and restrictions of freedom abating; in fact they are only increasing. People who simply want to live their lives without having to get a permission slip from the government are perfect for Libertarianism. 

For example, why are we still paying $35 for a license to get married? Aren’t we already paying taxes? People deserve the freedom of choice as the Founding Fathers envisioned, yet incrementally our freedoms are slowly being eroded away, much like the frog in the boiling pot story. If you are looking for a common sense option, please look sincerely at the Libertarian Party. We are free thinkers who believe that we can make the best decisions for ourselves and families without so much government oversight. We don’t believe that our freedoms should harm others. We don’t need the government to mandate how we live our lives. 

I’m not advocating for not having a government or anarchy by any means, but I would challenge that the government’s primary purpose should be to protect our freedoms and natural, unalienable rights. Are you a conservative? President Reagan once stated, “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is Libertarianism.” The Libertarian Party is the party of common sense, and I hope you’ll have a look. 


Jesse Palmer


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