To the Editor,

Memorial Day Musings - Our good friend Ed Tedder, a US veteran and Georgetown resident, passed away a year ago this month. I wrote this poem with he and his dear wife Angie in mind. Angie and many others receive comfort from visiting the burial sites of their loved ones at Camp Nelson. The beauty and meaning of this historic national cemetery promotes a healing and resolve to live life honoring the sacrifice of the American soldier. Freedom isn’t free. 


Nestled on an emerald hillside, under skies of brilliant blue

Camp Nelson’s the final resting place, of soldiers, tried and true

Many drive by, and at a glance; see the flawless rows of white

Not thinking of what they represent, the brave souls who fought for American rights

To worship God freely, in one’s own way; the right to free speech and free press

The right to assemble, the right to petition, the government for grievances

The right to bear arms, and trial by a jury, to protect against cruel punishment,

They fought for these freedoms, for they knew in their heart, just what our Constitution meant

The golden sun reflects off those stones, and brings tears to those left behind

They think of the loving memories, and for their loved ones they often pine

A part of their heart is missing, as the retreat flag in their arms is laid

A serviceman plays taps on the bugle, and the family walks quietly away 

Many years, many battles, many wars have come and gone

Many sons and many daughters, husbands, wives and cherished ones

The end of their duty day is complete, the Commander-in-Chief called them home

Once a soldier, always a soldier, those words and what they stood for led them on

They were guardians of freedom; strong, brave, honorable, and true

They leave behind a legacy for folks like me and you

So if you hap upon Camp Nelson, and see those brilliant rows of white

Remember the sacrifices that were made; and those loved ones left behind


Written By: Stephanie Clanney


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