To the Editor,

It’s imperative that our congresspeople in Washington, DC save the Postal Service. There’s a bunch of discussion right now speculating that Trump wants to let USPS fail due to its unprofitability, but nobody is saying why the Postal Service is in debt. 

In 2006, Republican lawmakers passed a law requiring the USPS to pre-fund its pension and healthcare benefits for 75 years. Before this requirement, the agency was making 9M dollars in profit each year. The USPS is one of the only government agencies that most Americans view favorably. Its workforce is staffed over 50% by black and other ethnic minorities. It is one of the last workforces that have collective bargaining rights. 

These factors allowed people access to what was once considered middle-class wages. Without the Postal Service, small business owners will have to deliver their goods and services for hundreds of miles, elderly and immobile individuals will not have access to needed medications, and residents who live in rural or less than desirable neighborhoods won’t receive mail. 

I’m old enough to remember when my grandparents’ house didn’t have a mailbox. They used to make the grandkids walk to the nearest highway to retrieve the mail. Will we return to that? Will we have to pay outrageous prices to privatized mail companies to send and receive packages? The current House has tried to repeal the Act that forced the USPS to pre-fund its pension. However, the movement is stalled in the Senate. When will our congresspeople do right by us?


Natalie Gwishiri


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