To the Editor,

I am not a part of Facebook, therefore I had no idea there was a “social media post which sparked anger” until I saw it as a front page article in the News Graphic. Racism strikes again. Are you serious? Most people who follow the news knows Hunter (Biden) was a crack addict and loved his younger women (girls.) Crack pot could also be someone who’s foolish. In this liberal world everything is racist. 

What Godly value do you see with abortion? Kamala and Joe are pro-abortion. They think it’s okay. Kamala laughs about smoking pot. I guess taking this lightly is okay. Joe is not trustworthy, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’m not so concerned regarding an opinion, unless the opinion seeks to destroy that which is right, but then again, this would just be another opinion. 

A person who thinks council member Tingle-Sames should resign, should really think about his life and how he’s honored God. I know it’s accepted by some in society, but does this acceptance make it right? 2020 does not mean all should be embraced, as this is not possible. I’m sure what I write is not embraced by all; that’s okay, too bad, but still okay. The request to have Karen Tingle-Sames removed would be wrong and racist. I used the “r” word, because it was first used by those in opposition; and used by those who didn’t understand what council member said.  

Let’s not forget, it was Kamala who chastised Joe for his racism; now look at them.


Angie Tedder


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