To the Editor,

I have had the personal honor of knowing Senator Damon Thayer for a number of years.  My name is Dee Robinson. I am the administrator for Kentucky Citizens Against Domestic Violence and Pet Abuse. Over 2,200 of us are in this group and we support Senator Thayer’s bid for re-election. 

Senator Thayer upholds the rights of our Farmers and Sportsmen when party politics threatens reasonable legislation regarding pet abuse and domestic violence by negotiating with the other legislators in an atmosphere of respect with willingness to compromise. In a time when opposing special interest groups and our two political parties continue to be radically divided in their ideologies, we can always count on Senator Thayer to pursue non-partisan solutions that are of interest to all Kentuckians. 

Going back to 2016, he co-wrote SB 14, recognizing the many community threats associated with organized dog fighting such as gangs, drugs, illicit gambling, pet theft and horrendous animal abuse. This bill expanded the anti-dog fighting laws in Kentucky, clearly demonstrating his ability to work with the opposition to get this most important bill passed. It is now law.

In 2019, he co-sponsored SB 67, a bill that outlawed sex with animals in Kentucky and under his leadership in the Senate it too went on to become law. Most recently, Senator Thayer co-sponsored SB 21, which would allow veterinarians to report the abuse of animals under their care, previously prohibited in Kentucky.  It has been signed into law most recently by the Governor.  It should be noted that since Senator Thayer has taken such an interest in sponsoring, promoting and passing these laws, that Kentucky has continued to improve in the national rankings on animal abuse addressing our most pressing issues, but there is more work to be done.

As Majority Floor Leader in the Senate, we look forward to working with him again in upcoming sessions knowing he will champion legislation that improves the lives of our most vulnerable citizens and their pets that remain at risk in violent homes. With his support and his leadership, Kentuckians will benefit from his continued commitment to improve the domestic violence and pet protection laws in Kentucky. 


Dee Robinson

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