It has taken me a few days to truly gather my thoughts but here goes. The problems that our country is facing right now have been a reoccurring struggle for centuries. Today, social and racial injustice is being pushed to the forefront of our problems and people have finally began to use their voice. The thing that bothers me most is that in all aspects of life, whether that be race, sexuality, religion, etc., people fear for themselves because of the imminent danger that presents itself in front of them.

As for race, the African-American race has faced racism for far too long. The reason why this is such a focal point in life today is because it reoccurs over and over again and the response of the federal government is never enough for the people. 

The murder of George Floyd is simply unacceptable. The murder of Ahmaud Arbery is unacceptable. The murder of Breonna Taylor is unacceptable. 

These three individuals are just what is in the news right now. There have been countless innocent people who have been murdered while simply being black. They were placed in these situations while going about their lives as anyone would, regardless of race. 

A black man should not have to fear for his life when out in public. The profiling of people by race has got to stop. We, as human beings, are in no right to be a judge of the next person, except by the content of their character and values. There is only one person who has any right to judge any of us and that is God. He created us all within his image and sees us all as his children. We are no different in his eyes.

Growing up in a small town, I have been fortunate enough to not face a lot of the issues that people see in their lives constantly for just being of a certain race. That does not mean I have never faced it. Growing up with a white mother who has always had a heart for people and children, of all races, has allowed me to learn how to love people. Growing up with a black father has taught me how to be who I am and not worry about what people see me as and who taught me to just roll with the punches. 

Growing up in a predominantly white community, while being a local athlete and being involved in my church and community, has been a blessing for me because people view me for who I am rather than what I am.

Being biracial isn’t always an easy thing. You can never quite be like the people around you who sit and tell you, “you’re really not even black,” or “you’re really not even white,” and then proceed to make snide comments about your skin color and being mixed. 

I know I will never be able to fully understand the pain and problems that racism presents to the African-American population daily, but I will no longer sit aside and wait for it to affect me before speaking up. I believe everybody, whether you are black, white, biracial, asian, hispanic, indian, native american, or any race I didn’t speak on, is and should be valued as equal. 

Racism is taught and has never been inherited.

To my generation, we are next. We need to take a stand now, so that way when the time comes for us to take over (which isn’t far off), we are prepared to carry out change. We need change. It is up to us as young adults to stand for what we believe in. Our voices are just as important. We need to stand as one.

Now, on law enforcement and the military. We cannot hold each and every individual cop and member of the military accountable for the actions of one dirty, racist cop. He is a disgrace to the badge and the fraternal order of police. Each man decides to join law enforcement for their own reasons. But just because one stands for the wrong reasons does not mean the rest stand for the same. We have all seen cops condemning the actions of the murderer who just so happened to be in uniform. 

There are still good people in law enforcement. Treat them as humans until you are given a reason to take that individual as otherwise.

I will now end with a quote.

“Darkness cannot drive our darkness-only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate-only love can do that.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Michael Moreno is a Georgetown resident.

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