To the Editor,

I’m addressing Mr. Cairo as he addressed Ms. Tingle-Sames in his guest editorial. Mr. Cairo indicates appreciation for her calling him & leaving a message indicating she wanted to meet with him for more information regarding the “firestorm” of her post. Mr. Cairo did not state if he met with councilwoman; he did state his concern regarding her failure to understand.  Since he had such strong concerns, I imagine he did meet with her.

Mr. Cairo goes on and on about obligations of a political leader/elected leader. There are obligations for a teacher as well. There are obligations of the media as well.  The post of councilwoman Tingle-Sames was not addressed to a certain group of people. It was her opinion with a lot of truth. Can’t say that for the media.

Just this week, FoxNews and Newsmax showed what was upcoming regarding lower drug prices for all, which will start in January. Thank you Mr. President. CNN did not cover this at all. CNN listeners did not learn anything. Correction; they learned more bias.  

A honest political leader does not agree with everyone. A honest political leader does not say something is good when in her or his heart, knows it is not good.  This is called courage; integrity. You believe Karen Tingle-Sames should seek out resources in an effort to better understand race in our community. I suppose you could have been that resource. Again, how did the meeting go?

You mention educators work diligently to free people’s minds of intolerance and rigid views. I wonder if you thought President Trump colluded with Russia? My guess is, you probably did think so, and if not, it didn’t matter because it’s quite obvious you detest President Trump. This is a man who’s been through the impeachment process  while COVID-19 was starting. He’s been investigated  before he was elected.  He’s been despised by liberals for four years, yet—he keeps working without accepting a salary.  Where’s Hunter? He’s been a no show since his dad’s been in the basement. Joe Biden has not been asked any questions regarding, Hunter nor China; he’s only asked questions regarding President Trump.  

I believe Councilwoman Tingle-Sames is pro life, as am I. Biden and Harris are not, yet Biden is a good Catholic? You write, Biden believes we are all created by God. How could he possibly not be pro life? How could he even think a baby is not human? His children were babies at one time in the womb. There has been no kindness toward President Trump by those on the left.  There were no riots after the election. All the boarded up businesses were free to open back up. Mr. Cairo, you are being unfair with your request to have Tingle-Sames resign. She has not failed in her duties as councilwoman. She loves Georgetown and loves the people of Georgetown. The post was a political post, not a post regarding the City of Georgetown.  It was an opinion post. It was not a post regarding her duties as a councilwoman. I’ve seen Tingle-Sames at council meetings, and she’s always been professional and highly informed regarding matters for which she was elected. She may be one of the most informed.


Angie Tedder


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