To the Editor,

I just finished trudging through Dr. Michael Cairo’s three column circular argument accusing Ms. Tingle-Sames of the very things he does in his attack.  He tells her that she has “a duty to seek out accurate and factual information” before she makes a judgement. Later in his agonizingly long and redundant piece, he chastises her for calling Biden “China Joe” because it illustrates her looseness with facts and truth and accuses her of aligning herself with claims derived from a conspiracy documentary.  Dr. Cairo, some of the most recent claims have come from emails stored in a laptop that Biden’s not too bright son took in to be repaired and never came back for.  

Dr. Cairo says that her post lacked empathy and compassion for people who disagree with her and all the while lacking empathy and compassion for Tingle-Sames’ views. Another logical fallacy on his part. Toward the end of his endless article, he says that Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic as if being a practicing Catholic absolves him of all his misdeeds.  I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic schools from the first grade to my sophomore year of college, and I can tell you that the Catholic Church does not condone abortion.  It’s considered to be a mortal sin.  Biden doesn’t seem to have a problem with it since a woman’s choice is a major part of his party’s agenda, but going to Mass and making a show of his religion doesn’t change the Church’s stance.        

Lest I do the same thing that I chided Dr. Cairo for—going on and on and on—I will end with this with the appeal that Tingle-Sames should not be asked to leave her place on the Council just because she said something that Dr. Cairo and some other liberals didn’t like.   


Jan Terrell


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