To the Editor, 

I’m responding to Ms. Angie Tedder’s letter. The social media post by Tingle-Sames did not “spark anger”, it screamed division. You are taking this personally and I promise you that it is not. I do not wish to attack Tingle-Sames. I, as a citizen of Georgetown attack the words, in which she chose to use in that specific post. Regardless of her freedom of speech, which I do respect and her comment being on her personal page, she was still voted into her position by the residents of Georgetown. I’m sure some of them have or had drug issues or they have family members that are going through, overcame or in the process of overcoming an addiction, be it drugs or alcohol. How do you think they took the post or how that makes them feel? Words matter! (With great power, comes great responsibility.)

When a person(s) is calling out someone on a public forum, anyone is allowed to have our own set of opinions. I do not care what party you represent, we all need to be held accountable for our words and our actions. I am holding her accountable, even though she says she does not know what it is that upset people, and said that she is standing by her words. I too stand by mine. I’ve prayed for our country, I pray for injustice in all forms and even when I don’t agree with a situation or person, (God knows there are plenty) I still pray. In the times that we are living in, I would never publicly post or say anything that could bring about more division, and if I do I know I can, I will, and I have been called out on it. I learned from my mistakes, apologized and moved forward.

Racism was brought up in Ms. Tedder’s letter, and that was never discussed, not by me or the other ladies. Nor did we call Tingle-Sames a racist... However, I was always taught, “A hit dog will always holler.”  

The first thing we as Christians want to do is add God to our posts, responses or situations to make one think, that what they are saying is Godly so everything should be alright. God is not the author of confusion, and some people are really confused with what was printed. 

God went to places where people were drunkards, poor, diseased, with and without sin and he met them where they were. It didn’t matter how many times they sinned, forgot about Him, talked down on Him and at Him, He still gave them a chance—At least the God that I serve and the Bible that I read says, God forgives. God loves. God fixes and put the broken back together. God gives you more than one chance to get yourself together, and when they don’t straighten up, you leave it in God’s hand and not keep beating that person down.

We should continue to pray for them, just as I’ve been praying for a lift of division in this country, state, county and city. 

We can do great things together.


April Nichols-Baker 


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