Hey, I know that guy

A cardboard cutout of legendary Scott County High School boys’ basketball coach Billy Hicks occupies one of the bleacher seats in the SCHS gym. The Cardinals are selling custom-made cutouts of fans to help make up for this season’s limited ticket sales.

Scott County sports fans can still enjoy their usual seat in the stands during a basketball game this season in the form of a cardboard cutout of themselves.

Freshman boys’ coach Chris Willhite said he has been watching sporting events on TV during the pandemic and saw that many places had cardboard fan cutouts. He thought it would be a fun thing for players and fans alike, as well as a good fundraiser for the basketball program.

Front row fan cutouts are $100, and other seats are $50. 

Scott County fan cutouts began to sell just after Christmas, Willhite said. 

Having sold upwards of 20 already, he said the basketball program hopes to sell more so that players can see more faces in the stands.

"You can put yourself on (a cardboard cutout)," Willhite said. 

Some are even buying fan cutouts in memory of those they love. 

Lifelong fans, former players and coaches can be seen in the stands this season.

SCHS legends past and present including Charles Eddie Doan, Mr. Dawson, former player Austin Flannery, his son Ace, Johnnie Cannon, and former head coach Billy Hicks and his grandson Wyler are just a few cutouts to be seen in the stands.

"It's going to mean a lot to the community and players," varsity coach Tim Glenn said.

Tuesday night, Scott County played its first game of the season at Madison Central. Before that game, Willhite said it had been more than 300 days since the team played a game.  

Basketball is a piece of normal everyone is looking for, Glenn said. The experience is different, but to hear the sounds of the ball bouncing, whistles blowing and cheerleaders cheering is a good atmosphere.

"The opportunity to get to play basketball is the big thing," he said.    

To purchase a Scott County fan cardboard cutout contact Chris Willhite at willhitec@bellsouth.net or reach out on the Scott County Boys’ Basketball Facebook page.   

James Scogin can be reached via email at jscogin@news-graphic.com.

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