Down by the riverside

The Georgetown Gentlemen pose with the Early Riser Base Ball Club of Detroit as runner-up and champion, respectively, of the Augusta Civil War Days Vintage Base Ball Tournament. Georgetown picked up its first-ever win as a franchise at the event.

FAIRFIELD, Ohio — The Georgetown Gentlemen traveled north to the banks of the Ohio River on Saturday, Sept. 25 to participate in the third annual Augusta Civil War Days Vintage Base Ball Tournament. 

Each year, the town commemorates the September 27, 1862 battle that left 33 dead and altered Confederate General, and Scott County native Basil Duke’s plans to cross the Ohio River. For the past three years, vintage base ball has been added to the day as a way to add more flavor of the 1860s. 

The first match of the day was highly competitive. Our local boys found themselves facing the Moscow (Ohio) Monarchs. The Monarchs have played for nearly a decade, and it showed, as their strategies and teamwork were well on display. The Gentlemen’s bats could not be denied though. Big hits from such players as Max “Bullmoose” Godby and Matt “Mule” Koch had several players rounding the bags. 

Despite this being only their third game, the Gentlemen already have a reputation in the region for the defensive prowess. With a wall in the infield comprised of Bryon “Hotshot” Ellis and Nick “Cowboy” Hunt backing up the pitching of Tommy “Molasses” Druen, the Monarchs struggled to find their way to the base.

The end result was the Gentlemen achieving their first victory in team history. By a score of 12-7, the local nine moved on to the tournament championship game.

In the second match, the Gentlemen faced off against the Early Riser Base Ball Club of Detroit. The Early Risers are considered to be in the upper echelon of all vintage base ball teams, and that was apparent. Despite taking a 4-0 lead in the first inning, the Gentlemen could not hold on to the lead. Great plays were made throughout the game, with the finest being from Tyler “Bear” Fendley when he launched a ball in the Ohio River. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stop the Early Risers, who ended up winning, 20-12.

The Gentlemen ended the day as tournament runners-up, as other teams heaped praise on them for doing so in only their second time playing.

Representing our fair town were Tommy “Molasses” Druen, Jerry “Lincolnite” Sudduth, Matt “Cornbread” Nunn, Dustin “Rooster” Nelson, Nick “Cowboy” Hunt, Bryon “Hotshot” Ellis, Matt “Mule” Nunn, Tyler “Bear” Fendley, Max “Bullmoose” Godby, Spencer “Squints” Smith and Sean “Virgie” Longman.

The Gentlemen will travel to neighboring Lexington on Oct. 10 for their next game. They will be playing at Waveland State Historic Site competing for the Commonwealth Cup against the Bluegrass Barons, Eastwood Iron Horses and Moscow Monarchs.

For more information on the Georgetown Gentlemen, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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